After horrific news broke of immigrant children being separated from their parents and placed in detention centers, I fashion designer Tebo Dambe felt helpless and stressed, praying everyday wasn't enough for me that is where the Keep Families Together (KFT) Collection was born and a new mission for our brand was redefined supporting the Keep Families Together Foundation

Keep Families Together

Instagram and social media was over-flowing with messages of I care don't you after the infamous I don't care military jacket. Non-profit organizations availed themselves to donate for these families. More and more people stood up to this un-human behavior. For me, I still had sleepless nights, donating didn't seem to be enough in my mind. I wanted to see action. I wanted to see these kids out like now, not 55 days later not 2 months and so forth.

I knew that in order for kids to get a bond to get out they needed an immigration lawyer to represent them in court in order for them to be released. No kid can stand alone in front of a judge and say here I am, let me out. The need an immigration lawyer to represent them to do so.

They process can take 3-4 weeks at the fastest. Imagine your child in detention without no way to call you or his or her family for that long, not to mention any child at 2 years of age does not know how to make a phone call nor would they know how to find you. The whole system got me feeling so uneasy every night sleeping in my luxurious master bedroom suite in Los Angeles. 

I then began to ask God to help me re-define my mission of action towards these kids. I partnered with a reputable law firm that actually represent immigrants called Public Office in Los Angeles. I decided to come up with a collection to raise funds to hire this firm to actually go and represent these children in front of the judge and hire therapist and psychologist who will be hand in hand with helping them deal with the trauma they have witnessed at a very young age. 

Let's stand up together, take action to standing up for liberation for kids especially those in detention centers.

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Keep Families Together

Thank you so much ! God Bless you.


Tebo Dambe, Creative Fashion Director