Tebo Dambe - Luxury Designer Swimsuit

$ 429 USD

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Having the perfect swimsuit for your perfect get-away is ideal. Comfort is the goal. Effortless design, subtle sultry exuding confidence is the key. Enter the new peaceful you. The joyful you. Wear this Red Tebo Dambe Luxury Dream Swimsuit for your next vacation. You deserve it, you are worth it.


• Tebo Dambe - Luxury Designer Swimwear Brand
• Make - spandex nylon
• Breathable luxury material
• Attention to details
• Flattering to any body
• Lifts busts and booty to a nice shape
• Allows room for cocktails and appetizers without feeling suffocating
• Great for swimming or relaxation
• Enter the world of Tebo Dambe - "The Dream" Luxury Designer Swimwear

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