Tebo Dambe Luxury Designs is a company that works with a team of well-qualified innovators that accomplish upcoming projects in the fashion industry. We offer Wholesale from our own brand and work with projects which may include anything from Creating your own Pieces or Collection.The success of Tebo Dambe Luxury Designs is solely based on building character and supplementing a client's brand with great quality of products. 

With its convenient location in Downtown Los Angeles, Tebo Dambe Luxury Designs is able to deliver designers' needs within walking distance! Even if a client is not located in Los Angeles, our clients are all over the world. Tebo Dambe Luxury Designs looks forward to expanding its horizons and making business with clients in other parts of the world. Making a new clothing line never looked better! 

Tebo Dambe Custom Services
 We will be happy to assist you Monday to Friday, 10 am - 7 pm Pacific Time Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A, including holidays. Our Turnaround Time is 5 days - 2 weeks. Rush orders may be subject to an additional fee.

 CREATE YOUR OWNcreate your own clothing line

With over a two decades of experience, Tebo Dambe Luxury Designs offers consultation to anyone who seeks guidance in creating a clothing line, a website or branding. Tebo Dambe Luxury Designs is an innovative company composed of a team of experts that can help create your next clothing line. We offer designs for both Men & Women, Casual or Formal and Children.

We are determined to develop any ideas you may have in mind. Designing is our specialty

Once you are satisfied with your concept, we can produce your clothing line at our one-stop-shop. What are you waiting for? Book now !


We offer multiple services such as:
Logo Creation - Branding _ Graphic Design - Website - Packaging your Line
Instagram / Social Media Branding - Fashion Design Consulting
Custom Pieces - Pattern-making - Sample making - Grading - Cutting & Production