PREVIOUS EVENT: Tebo Dambe brought a night of high fashion to Los Angeles with the Pre-BET Awards Celebrity Fashion Show, hosted by Actress LisaRaye McCoy and Movie Producer Datari Turner. Celebrities walked down the runway, dressed in Tebo Dambe's mesmerizing menswear and womenswear collection.

The event was held in one of the most exquisite rooftop hotels in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. It was an unforgettable night of luxury and style. The stunning backdrop, the star-studded guest list, and the exquisite fashion all combined to make it a night to remember.

Lisa Raye McCoy, Dateri Turner & Tebo Dambe

The atmosphere was electric, with music and lights setting the stage for a night of unforgettable fashion and fun. From the first step on the runway to the final bow, every moment was a testament to Tebo Dambe's creativity and skill.

Guests were treated to an exclusive experience of the highest caliber, where fashion met luxury in a setting that was nothing short of spectacular. We're grateful for all who joined us and made this event so special. Thank you for making it an unforgettable evening!

Lisaraye McCoy, Tebo Dambe and Datari Turner Datari Turner, Lisaraye McCoy and Tebo Dambe Lisaraye McCoy and Designer Tebo Dambe

THE PRE-BET CELEBRITY FASHION SHOW hosted by Lisaraye McCoy and Datari Turner 

Lisaraye McCoy dressed in Tebo DambeLisaraye McCoy at theTebo Dambe fashion show Lisaraye McCoy and Designer Tebo Dambe Designer TEBO DAMBE menswear collection Chris Williams dressed in Tebo Dambe Michael Jai White in Tebo Dambe Tebo Dambe women collection Lisaraye in Tebo Dambe Gown



  • Hollywood, California