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Our definition of luxury fashion service at TEBO DAMBE; We believe that luxury is personal. Each person has a vision of how they want to look and feel to bring their confidence and vision to life. We understand and use that passion to drive us to thoughtfully create unique fashion pieces for you. Our values are quality, and efficiency and we will not sacrifice on quality, ever. There is no other luxury fashion brand that carefully blends personalized style service and high fashion. We design custom styles for each personalized customer and have deep understanding of how to service the most discerning clients. 



In order for us to be successful, it is imperative we understand what makes you tick. From the car you drive or the car you dream to drive, your style of fashion, the colors that brighten your mood, your family lifestyle, your dream house, the places you want to visit and or a combination of all of them, to the finest of details like what kind of character would you like to portray when wearing these clothes, to what kind of animal, flower or plant matches your personality? We gather all this information upfront about who you are and who you want to be to match the new refined future you making every garment you wear, to tell a story of where you're going and how you want to feel. Your clothes should reflect a better version of you and this is why we are unique.



At TEBO DAMBE, we personally create every fashion experience around you and your needs. Your preferences are paired with our little Black Book of the finest experiences and recommendations money can buy. We are obsessed with service and efficiency, so you don’t have to be.



We carefully package your personalized order and deliver it to your door step. Orders are available via our app and our website. We’ve assembled a perfectly tailored experience for you and your family to create lasting memories. Our team will be at your disposal for anything you may need during your fashion style makeovers. Sit back and relax. Your fashion style heaven begins here.


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