Celebrity Designer | Tebo Dambe

Miss Tebo Dambe created the high end fashion house " TEBO DAMBE " with the intention to develop designs that aligns with its company mission statement; Keep Families Together, assisting children that are being separated from their parents and families. In this light, The Luxury Fashion House Tebo Dambe, embarked on the Keep Families Together Campaign by creating the KFT Collection Campaign which aims at raising funds for separated children and donating to The Keep Families Together https://www.keepfamiliestogether.org/


Being a woman designer, has many challenges, we have chosen to focus on the mid-section of a woman, the stomach. On the women's line, we create illusions of a small waist by using lots of detail around the waist, whether it's pleats, florals, weaving or a good fabric to make that waist small. We use Top-Notch fabrics exported from Italy and around the world to give you the very best quality pieces that give your body that self love. We pay very close attention to the front as well as the back in all the pieces that we make. On the menswear, we do the same as in the womenswear, our focus is the waist. Every men wants to have a smaller mid-section, so we do not leave them out. We make sure we pay attention to that slim fitting detail to give him that sexy small wait broad shoulder type look, making him the King of his castle. Our personality, is luxury with fun and lots of paying attention to what we wear and how we present ourselves. 


Miss Tebo Dambe found her trigger to create her own fashion line after being laid off from the recession. As a victim of recession, she went back to the drawing board where since her young age all she did was draw and be free. That feeling of being in control urged her mind to take control of her God given talent of drawing and create fashion pieces that are made from the rise of falling creating confidence within. Art is her escape and fashion drives her vision.


Every single design is drawn by hand by Ms. Dambe. She's an Artist by Birth with the ability to draw Real People just as they are and very good at it. For over the past 20 years, Miss Dambe's philosophy has always been based on luxury and detailed easy to wear clothes. She holds 28 years of experience as a Fashion Designer, a Fine Artist, and a Graphic Designer. She is responsible for designing all the company branding, logo and the website as she holds a Degree in Graphic Design which came in handy while developing this brand. Adding her education in Color & Design and textile together with fashion has been a huge plus. All these go hand in hand in her being the CEO & Creative Director. 

"I love creating clothes with strong looks, clothes that have movement depending on the season. I love clothes that grabs attention. Being bold and also soft is a personality of mine that I incorporate in all my designs", says Miss Dambe.


Her experience as a Marketing Director overseeing 3 offices in Los Angeles, U.S.A  in an Architecture and Interior Design Firm with a staff of over 200 people has made The Tebo Dambe Luxury Brand a solid brand that it is today. She worked with over 20 Million dollar jobs, writing architectural business proposals and RFQ's & RFP's. These are bids that architecture firms submit in order to win and start building. Things like shopping malls, hospitals, schools, railways etc. Her clientele in was Cedar Sinai, Paramount Pictures, Sony, Disney, Pepperdine University, The Beverly Center and many other Million dollar jobs. Miss Dambe is excellent in this field as a Marketing Director. She also juggled retail experience during her early years as her Vision is to open a Shop of her own. Miss Dambe holds at 15 years of retail experience.


Her love for children softens her tough exterior while her inside exudes compassion and nurturing. Her compassion to give back to others drives her and she has chosen to give back to a charity that is near to her heart; Keep Families Together. https://keepfamiliestogether.org/



Miss Dambe's Art & Fashion education took her on a journey to earning a full scholarship at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. "Those were the best times in my life, where all you have to do is study hard and get good grades", says Tebo Dambe.

Mary Scott, her mentor in San Francisco, California has been the biggest motivator for Tebo Dambe. Marry Scott has received the prestigious AIGA Fellows Award in 2006 and in 2013 she received an Honorary Doctorate by the Academy of Art University under Dr. Elisa Stephens, President at the University of Academy of Art. She has made such significant contribution to Tebo and the Tebo Dambe Brand as she has taught the now renowned designer everything about design, presentation and confidence. The stylish Mary Scott knew that with Tebo Dambe's determination, persistence and discipline, Tebo Dambe Brand will become a household name that it is today.

Miss Dambe continues to have a close relationship with now Chairman of Graphic Design School at the Academy Of Art University and instructor, Mary Scott.


"I enjoy being Creative and being an Artist. It's really what I love, I put my heart in all the designs and craftsmanship because I am passionate about execution and perfection. I love soft fabrics, detailed and textured fabrics. I love color and I love sophisticated looks with a bit of sex appeal, appreciating the beauty of a woman and the sexyness of a man. I love to create men's clothes using womenswear as an inspiration. I mostly love pieces that make people stop and say, where did you get that? who made that? I use clothes as a metaphor to speak confidence out of you without you saying a word. I want the clothes to be your voice while you walk quietly in the room knowing your worth, everywhere you go they stop and stare from your head to the toe !!", smiles Dambe.