Tebo Dambe - Celebrity Designer Tebo Dambe - Celebrity Designer

T E B O  D A M B E

Breaking down codes tearing down gender boundaries to launch a luxury fashion brand by her name "Tebo Dambe", in an industry full of men. Miss Tebo Dambe's vision and intension is to show drive, determination, persistent and relentless to the many talented women and men who have a desire to build a luxury fashion brand. 

A lover of the Arts, an artist herself since birth, Passionate about design, freedom in creativity, visual expression in emotions, her innovative and personal endeavor has contributed to her continued success. She consistently builds ideas that with put people together as the heart healing and a culture that is enduring to the human nature. Passionate about the joy in children and the innocent they possess with bring light to the heart. Her love of giving back and charity, goes beyond the creative master that we see in the forefront of her emmaculate designs. Join the movement of reuniting children and their families at Keep Families Together https://www.keepfamiliestogether.org/

W H A T  S E T S  H E R  A P A R T

Most renowed luxury fashion designers are known to be male who dominate the world of fashion and beauty industry. Tebo Dambe is a proud black African Queen full of Joy and creativity. She radiates Joy the moment she walks by with her charismatic aura. 

"I'm intrigued by Men and the drive they have at the gym, it inspires me to be fully disciplined and be consistent. Results come over time and I live in the motto of discipline, consistency and believe".


Miss Tebo Dambe found her trigger to create her own luxury fashion brand after being laid off from the recession. A victim of domestic violence, discrimination, recession and countless of rejections, and exclusion, she went back to the art the lived within. The art to escape in fine art, drawing and painting as an expression of her freedom. Creativity in leaning towards the calling of her dream to design drove her to success.


Every single design on this website, is drawn by hand by Ms. Dambe. An Artist by Birth with the ability to draw Real People. For over the past three decades, Miss Dambe's philosophy has always been based on luxury interiors and detailed clothes, holding 28 years of experience as a Creative Director, Fashion Designer, Fine Artist, and a Graphic Designer, responsible for designing all the company branding, logo and the website holding a degree in Graphic Design and Master's in Fashion Marketing and Brand Management. This genius woman is filled with not just talent but a drive that is inspiring, a belief that is bigger than herself to fulfil the highest and trust self she can be. 


Design is instilled in her brain. She decided to go in the Interior and Architecture field, to explore the essence of design in a different artform. Worked with Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers and Construction workers, far away from fashion. Her experience as a Marketing Director overseeing 3 offices in Los Angeles, U.S.A  in an Architecture and Interior Design Firm with a staff of over 200 people has made The Tebo Dambe Luxury Brand a solid brand that it is today. She worked on writing over 50 Million dollar Proposals for companies to build and or extend shopping malls, hospitals, schools, railways etc. Her clientele being the biggest in the game like Cedar Sinai, Paramount Pictures, Sony, Disney, Pepperdine University, The Beverly Center and many other Million dollar jobs. 


Miss Dambe's Art & Fashion education took her on a journey to earning a full scholarship at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. "Those were the best times in my life, where all you have to do is study hard and get good grades", says Tebo Dambe. Holding a degree in Graphic Design and Master's in Fashion Marketing and Brand Management.

Mary Scott, her mentor from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where she graduated, has been the biggest motivator for Miss Tebo Dambe. Marry Scott has received the prestigious AIGA Fellows Award in 2006 and in 2013 she received an Honorary Doctorate by the Academy of Art University under Dr. Elisa Stephens, President at the University of Academy of Art. She has made such significant contribution to Tebo and the Tebo Dambe Brand as she has taught the now renowned designer everything about design, presentation and confidence. The stylish Mary Scott knew that with Tebo Dambe's determination, persistence and discipline, Tebo Dambe Brand will become a household name that it is today.

Miss Dambe continues to have a close relationship with now Chairman of Graphic Design School at the Academy Of Art University and instructor, Mary Scott.


"My number one job, is to fill my own cup and make myself whole, so that I can have enough to give my talent and experiences to others. With knowing and believing in my journey of my success, I know that my designs are more that beautiful clothes but designs that brings the spirit to a sense of calmness and true happiness and joy."- humbly says Miss Dambe.