The Pre-BET Celebrity Fashion Show, hosted by Actress LisaRaye McCoy and Movie Producer Datari Turner, brought an evening of elegance and style to Los Angeles. The event, which showcased the captivating menswear and womenswear designs of Tebo Dambe, took place against the backdrop of the glamorous Hollywood skyline atop a luxurious rooftop hotel.

Celebrities graced the runway, adorned in Tebo Dambe's mesmerizing creations, creating an atmosphere filled with allure and sophistication. This gathering was not just about fashion; it was also an opportunity to give back to the community. Proceeds from the event were dedicated to supporting charitable initiatives for Keep Families Together.

The evening buzzed with energy, as music and lights set the stage for an unforgettable night of fashion and entertainment. From the graceful stride down the runway to the final bow, each moment celebrated Tebo Dambe's artistic brilliance.

Set amidst the stars and attended by a constellation of renowned guests, the event was a testament to the fusion of fashion and luxury. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all attendees who graced us with their presence, contributing to the success of this remarkable affair. Your participation turned this event into an indelible memory.

Lisaraye McCoy and Designer Tebo Dambe Lisaraye McCoy and Designer Tebo Dambe

Lisa Raye McCoy, Dateri Turner & Tebo Dambe Lisaraye in Tebo Dambe Gown

Lisaraye McCoy, Tebo Dambe, and Datari Turner were at the heart of this grand occasion, embodying the spirit of elegance and creativity. Lisaraye McCoy, draped in Tebo Dambe's enchanting designs, illuminated the runway, leaving an indelible impression.

As the night concluded, the impact of the event extended beyond the runway. With the generosity of attendees and the commitment of Tebo Dambe, this evening also served as a platform to give back to charitable causes, making a difference in the lives of those in need.

Datari Turner, Lisaraye McCoy and Tebo DambeLisaraye McCoy, Tebo Dambe and Datari Turner

Designer TEBO DAMBE menswear collectionChris Williams dressed in Tebo DambeMichael Jai White in Tebo DambeTebo Dambe women collection  Lisaraye McCoy dressed in Tebo Dambe   Lisaraye McCoy at theTebo Dambe fashion show


  • Hollywood, California