The War of Penetration by Tebo Dambe

$ 70.38 USD

The War of Penetration Book; An Autobiography of Survival: Tebo Dambe has become one of fashion's great self made icons. A beacon of Inspiration to many trying to Penetrate through their own journey of success. Her story as a fashion designer is about unraveling the mysteries of being a self made fashion designer between abuse, domestic violence, betrayal, injustice, discrimination, being homeless, putting God first and persevering against all odds.

This book includes a few pieces of Tebo Dambe's design work. It chronicles not only Tebo Dambe's clothing designs, but also explores Tebo Dambe's grand vision for the complete design of a brand, with its mission being Keep Families Together, supporting children & families that are separated from their families.

Tebo Dambe shares with us her humble beginnings with over 200 color images of her life journey, her struggles to break in a tough industry: Fashion. It is Tebo Dambe's testament to Penetrate through the War of Fashion. This book will inspire you, make you strive for more and humble you. It is definitely an investment piece to have.

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