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Welcome to TeboDambe, a prestigious luxury fashion house dedicated to providing the finest in high-end fashion and exquisite designs. With a passion for couture fashion and a commitment to luxury, TeboDambe curates an exclusive collection of designer clothing and accessories that epitomize the epitome of elegance.

At TeboDambe, we believe in the artistry of luxury fashion. Each piece in our collection showcases the meticulous attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship that defines our brand. 

As an influential player in the luxury fashion industry, TeboDambe sets trends with our runway-inspired designs and captivating haute couture creations. 

TeboDambe caters to both men and women who appreciate the finer things in life. Our meticulously curated collections encompass a wide range of luxury fashion, from sophisticated and tailored looks to opulent and indulgent ensembles.

Elevate your style with TeboDambe. Embrace luxury.


TeboDambe is a prestigious luxury fashion brand globally recognized in the U.S and the U.K. Our exceptional menswear and womenswear collections epitomize uncompromised quality, designer clothing, and couture fashion, catering to discerning tastes.


TeboDambe supports the noble cause of Keep Families Together, a non-profit organization committed to reuniting immigrant children with their families.

Through our dedicated efforts, we strive to ensure that families remain connected, fostering love, stability, and support in their lives. Together, we aim to create a brighter future for these families and promote a more inclusive and compassionate society. Join us in our mission to keep families together at www.keepfamiliestogether.org

Botswana, our Heritage 

Our Creative Director and Celebrity Designer, Miss Tebo Dambe, infuses TeboDambe with a unique vision inspired by her rich cultural heritage and artistic expertise. Hailing from Botswana, the land of Diamonds and Meat, Miss Dambe seamlessly blends her roots.


Experience the essence of TeboDambe through our iconic Safari Jacket, a timeless piece that embodies the spirit and sophistication of our luxury fashion house. It has garnered attention at renowned fashion events and captivated discerning fashion enthusiasts.

Michael Jai White in Tebo Dambe Safari Jacket

Actor, Michael Jai White in Tebo Dambe Safari Jacket at the premier of Tyler Perry's Movie, Madea's Family Reunion, Los Angeles CA.

Super Model Bobby Roaches wears TEBO DAMBE Safari Jacket
Supermodel, Bobby Roache in Tebo Dambe Safari Jacket 
TEBO DAMBE | Celebrity Designer for Team Botswana, Africa | The Olympics, London, UK
TEBO DAMBE | Luxury Designer for Team Botswana, Africa The Olympics, London, UK 2012
TEBO DAMBE | Iconic Safari Jacket
Supermodel, Justin Klein in Tebo Dambe Safari Jacket


Forbes Magazine | Featuring Luxury Designer Tebo Dambe
Forbes Magazine | Featuring Luxury Designer Tebo Dambe
Forbes Magazine | Featuring Luxury Designer Tebo Dambe


  • Bozoma "Boz" Saint John - Chief Marketing Officer at Netflix, former CMO at William Morris Endeavor WME and former Chief Brand Officer at Uber
  • Michael Jai White - Martial Actor
  • Cynthia Bailey - The Real Housewives of Atlanta (Supermodel)
  • Bobby Roache' - Supermodel 
  • Lisaraye McCoy - The Players Club (Actress)
  • Datari Turner - Growing Up Hip Hop (TV Producer)
  • Chris Williams - Actor
  • Law & Order - TV Series
  • Jersey Shore - TV Series
  • Cat Greenleaf - TV Host - NBC Talk Stoop
  • Alimi Ballard - The Catch (Actor)
  • Sana - Hustle & Soul (Reality Star)


  • President of Botswana, His Excellency - Mr. Lieutenant General Ian Khama Seretse Khama
  • Former President of Botswana, His Excellency - Mr. Festus Mogae
  • Botswana High Commissioner to the UK - Mr. Roy Blackbeard
  • British High Commissioner in Botswana - Mrs Jennifer Anderson
  • Debswana Managing Director - Mr. Jim Gowns
  • Debswana - Mr Barulaganyi Mogotsi
  • Botswana Foreign Affairs, Deputy Minister - Miss Sophie Mautle
  • Botswana Superior Court, Judge - Mr. Isaac Lesetedi 


  • Botswana Embassy in Brussels Belgium, Deputy Ambassador - Mrs Tebogo Motshome


  • Botswana Permanent Mission Geneva, Switzerland, Deputy Director for Foreign Affairs International Cooperation - Miss Sophie Mautle 



TeboDambe Shines at the Oscars 2019 Icon Awards: Dressing Netflix CMO Bozoma Boz St. John and Actor Samuel L. Jackson in a Striking Green Zendaya Dress.

The Oscars | Red Carpet Dresses | Tebo Dambe
Actor Samuel L. Jackson + Marketing Executive, Bozoma " Boz" St. John in Tebo Dambe Collection.

The Oscars | Red Carpet Dresses | Tebo Dambe

Tebo Dambe's Impressive Accomplishments

  1. Forbes Magazine Features TeboDambe Fashion House.
  2. Marie Claire Italy Interviews Creative Director Miss Tebo Dambe.
  3. Tebo Dambe Showcased on Lifetime TV's "STEP IT UP" Reality Show.
  4. Tebo Dambe Among Top Designers at London Olympics 2012.

Tebo Dambe: The Renowned Designer Acknowledged by Presidents

Tebo Dambe, the esteemed designer who collaborates with presidents, has been honored with a recognition letter from the President of Botswana, as recommended by a former president.


The Designer who works with Presidents | Tebo Dambe