Creative Director Miss Tebo Dambe Tebo Dambe - Celebrity Designer
Tebo Dambe, an innovative and charismatic designer, fearlessly breaks boundaries as she forges her own path in the world of luxury fashion. With her new autobiography ' The War Of Penetration, Tebo Dambe is fueled by a deep passion for design, unwavering creative freedom, and a commitment to cultural endurance. She has a relentless drive and artistic vision which has propelled her exceptional heights of success.
Tebo Dambe - Celebrity Designer  


Tebo Dambe stands apart as a proud black African Queen, radiating joy and creativity. Inspired by the discipline and consistency of men at the gym, she embraces a motto of unwavering dedication. Her journey, marked by overcoming adversity and tapping into her artistic roots, fuels her unwavering commitment to creating luxury fashion that transcends boundaries.

Design Philosophy:

Each design showcased on TeboDambe's website is meticulously hand-drawn by her, exemplifying her innate artistic talent. With 28 years of experience as a Creative Director, Fashion Designer, Fine Artist, and Graphic Designer, Tebo Dambe seamlessly blends luxury interiors and detailed clothing into her creations. Her academic achievements include a degree in Graphic Design and a Master's in Fashion Marketing and Brand Management, underpinning her expertise and artistic prowess.

Work Experience:

Tebo Dambe's artistic vision extends beyond the fashion industry. Her extensive background in interior design and architecture, coupled with her role as a Marketing Director overseeing multiple offices, has solidified the Tebo Dambe Luxury Brand's reputation. Working on multi-million-dollar projects for esteemed clients such as Cedar Sinai, Paramount Pictures, and Disney, she has honed her creative skills and business acumen.


Tebo Dambe's educational journey began with a full scholarship at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Mentored by the esteemed Mary Scott, Tebo learned the nuances of design, presentation, and confidence. Mary Scott's impact on Tebo Dambe's growth and success has been immeasurable, inspiring her to become the renowned designer she is today.

Celebrity Designer Tebo Dambe

Escape to Inner Core:

Tebo Dambe's ultimate mission is to nurture her own well-being and happiness, ensuring she can share her talent and experiences with others. Her designs go beyond aesthetic beauty, creating an aura of serenity and genuine joy. Tebo Dambe's humble approach reflects her belief in the transformative power of her designs, instilling a sense of calmness and true happiness in those who wear them.

Celebrity Designer Tebo Dambe: A beacon of inspiration and creativity in the world of luxury fashion.