Men's Luxury TD Monogram Embossed Sports Jacket & Sweatpants | Green Velvet

$ 1,800.00 USD

TEBO DAMBE Men's Designer Luxury Monogram Sports Jacket and Sweatpants Set in Green Velvet. The Lineup of Ready-to-wear from the latest collection with TD embossed monogram on Velvet.

The Embossing Process Embossing the TD Monogram design on the fabric is a custom printing method that creates puffy design on clothing. In this technique, the design or logo is raised up and puffs out from the rest of the fabric to simulate a 3-D effect. In short, embossed clothing creates a high quality and modern look that takes to time create. This Collection is limited availability.

  • TD Monogram Jacket has frontal zipper with two side pockets, elastic collar, wrist and waistband
  • TD Monogram Sweatpants has two side pockets, elastic waist, ankles and drawstrings 
  • Back pants has pocket with square leather and embossed TD logo
  • Dry Clean

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