Men's TD Monogram Hoodie & Sweatpants | Red, Black & White

$ 1,400.00 USD

TEBO DAMBE Men's Designer Luxury Monogram Hoodie in Red, Black and White and Red Sweatpants. The Lineup of Ready-to-wear from the latest collection with TD Monogram printed

  • TD Monogram Hoodie has frontal short zipper, A big frontal pocket with TD Monogram and Tebo Dambe logo and drawstrings 
  • Inside hoodie is solid red color while outside has TD Monogram
  • Bottom of the hoodie has drawstrings
  • Sleeves have a decorative belt on the wrist
  • Sweatpants are solid red color with two side pockets, red piping along the leg
  • Elastic waist with drawstrings, elastic ankles and back pocket has leather square with embossed TD logo
  • Reversible Bucket Hat comes separate and has TD Monogram on one side and the other side solid Red with Tebo Dambe logo 
  • Dry Clean


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