A TIME TO BE STILL | TEBO DAMBE                         


Tebo Dambe Couture Spring 2023 Collection came at a time where change needed to happen. A change during the pandemic, a shift in everyone's life. We all needed to be Still. Lockdown happened unexpectedly. December 2019 was the beginning of hell until 2022 where most of us could breath again. It was three years of reflection, renewal and rebuilding.

Creative Director, Miss Tebo Dambe sat down and connected with her inner resilience, discipline and drive, with desires to fly, to be at peace, to be joyful and to be at a place full of passion with visions that come alive. This Couture Collection creates an escape in the mind that is in severe lockdown where visions become reality into an escape filled with Creativity, Freedom and Joy.



Tebo Dambe Haute Couture Collection Spring 2023

Haute Couture Tebo Dambe Green Hoodie Dress